sayTEC – IT-Infrastructure and Data Security made in Germany

IT-Security: Data Security, Access Security, Fail Security and Availability Concepts Made in Germany.

The sayTEC AG is a solution provider for IT security architecture. We develop innovative technologies for highly secured network access (Remote Access) as well as Backup and Restore Platforms for reliable data security and data recovery. However, the focus is always on an operating IT-Infrastructure linked with a reliable and high-octane security architecture taking the economic aspects into consideration.

We offer our clients highly secure access to their company’s data, a highly secure working environment as well as a simple and reliable backup solution, which ensures a smooth recovery in case of need. Our variety of services also includes the protection of sensitive data and the networking of highly critical infrastructures.

Our products are adjusted to high safety requirements and are developed and produced in Germany. Numerous companies, administrations and institutions rely on our solutions.

Our success factors are experience and expertise.